Parrot Picture

Hi! That’s us – Kristin and Shawn, on our honeymoon. As you can see, we were coerced into this picture with live parrots! I’ll admit, this is about as crazy as I get. And that was pre-kids. These days, heading out without first having a cup of coffee is pretttty wild for me. Even so, we are always out and about with our three kiddos. We love to find new things to do and see close to our home in Delco (that’s Delaware County, PA), as well as take fun family vacations to places like Disney World!

We aren’t going to draw a hard line for what we’ll share here with you – sometimes it will be activities for the whole family, or maybe something Shawn and I are able to get out and do (gasp) without the kids! Local or farther away, our goal is to inspire you to get out and enjoy life, together! We’ll also invite some of our travel loving friend to chime in and share about their cool travel experiences!

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Hope you enjoy reading along! - Kristin and Shawn

Here are our three kiddos, looking out of the window at the top of One Liberty Observation Deck, during a Christmas time outing in Philadelphia.