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Medieval Times

We love to hear from our readers and friends about their fun family excursions. Prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, our friends Paul and Gerrie were telling us about their experiences at Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, NJ. They agreed to do a quick write up for us to inspire all of you to try something a little different with your family. And hey, the plague is already upon us, so it’s fitting.

Here is what they had to say about their adventure.  

Let’s admit it, with the level of chaos in the world today we all could use a knight in shining armor.  And that’s just part of the fun that awaits you at Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, NJ. Knights, kings, queens, horses, falcons, cheering, jeering, magnificent costumes, and intense competition set the stage while you are served dinner that you eat with your hands! When you first check into the castle you receive a crown that corresponds to the knight that you will be cheering for in the dual. It’s fun to walk around the castle and nod to your “people” while carrying your stein of beer or chalice of cocktail. To pass the time you can check out the gift shop, have a professional photo taken, or snap some selfies-  but we recommend adding on the Museum of Torture. Here you will learn about medieval torture devices and the (in some cases slight) crimes that resulted in severe punishments. This is not suitable for young and/or sensitive audiences. 

When show time nears, you are summoned to enter the stadium and immediately notice the competition arena – and the smiles and awe on your children’s faces.  The setting really does a great job to get you in the spirit of the times and excited for the show.  While the costumed wait staff bring your meal (and more libations if you so chose) the show begins in spectacular grandeur. We all agreed that the jousting events were our favorite.



The knights high on horseback charge one another carrying huge jousts trying to knock one another off of their steeds. Crowds cheer! Our knight was not the victor, but it didn’t matter. The show was magnificent, and the meal was far better than we had imagined.

Fallen Knight

The menu is set, and everyone receives the same thing: tomato soup, roasted half chicken, corn on the cob, potatoes, and bread. Not having choices really simplified the process for us.  They do have a vegetarian option if desired, but even our pickiest eater loved the novelty of eating chicken with his hands and dug right in.

Enjoying the feast

While Medieval Times is a bit of a drive [from the Philadelphia/South Jersey area], there are many other things to do outside of the ‘castle’. The facility is located just minutes from the Meadowlands Sports Complex and the new American Dream complex, so it’s easy to make a day or weekend trip out of it.


Epic Battles of Steel and Steed” –

-Our guest writers, Gerrie and Paul

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