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Trivia Turkey with Tim

Hey Turkeys!  If you are like us, you probably miss going places.  Even though a house full of kids and a head full of grey hairs (mine, not Kristin’s) has ended our weekday bar nights, we still enjoyed getting out every now and again for a few midweek drinks.  One thing I always enjoyed was a game of Quizzo. 

Not familiar with Quizzo?  It’s a trivia game hosted by your local bar, made up of several rounds of questions to see who the smartest person there is (or more likely, who knows the most about the Kardashians).  With almost three months of COVID quarantine, our opportunities for this type of fun were over.  Or so we thought.  Luckily, my friend Tim hosts online quizzo with Trivia Turkey.

Tim was hosting regular Quizzo games at local bars in the good ol’ days, before COVID.  Since the bars are closed, and everyone is quarantined alone, he decided to turn his talents to the internet.  With a Zoom connection and an app called Kahoot!, you can challenge all of your friends and family to an online trivia game.  Tim will read out the questions, and all you need to do is choose the right answer on the Kahoot app and see who gets the most questions right. 

We tested this out the other night to see how it went, and we all had a lot of fun.  We ended up getting second place, because someone cheated.  Not because we are sore losers or anything.

Turkey Trivia Score

The prices are reasonable as well.  Its $10 per team, with a $100 max for a group party.  Are you trying to set up a happy hour or team building exercise for your business?  For $200, Tim will make it happen!

Besides helping to make life more interesting during COVID with a fun Trivia game, he also wants to make sure your life of adulting has as few issues as possible with multiple insurance options through Liberty Mutual.  Want a new quote on home, auto or life insurance?  He will help you out.  And if you sign up with him, he will make a $40 donation to HelpHopeLive, a charitable organization helping people out with medical expenses after suffering severe injuries or organ transplants.  What a guy!

So, what are you waiting for?  Stop drinking by yourself at home wishing you could go out.  Get a few friends, set up things with Tim, and have a fun night of quizzo.  Still unsure?  Why not join us for the 1st Annual Just Get in the Car Quizzo Invitational on June 18th and see for yourself how much fun it is!  Check our Facebook page for the details!

In the meantime, Tim’s contact information is below.  Check him out for all your quizzo or insurance needs.  You won’t regret it!

For TriviaTurkey:

 [email protected]

$10 a player.  $100 max for a group party.

$200 for a company happy hour or team building

*For charities: Tim will donate $40 to for every player that he quotes and makes a client.

Tim Sweeney


Just Get in the Car

Kristin and Shawn live in Delaware County, PA. They love to travel and go on new adventures with their three kids, follow along!